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Frequently Asked Questions.

What about Privacy?

There is none! Everyone can read your Blog, this is the nature of Blogs in general.
Suggestions: You can remain anonymous by choosing a Generic Name for the Blog and hide your user profile if you wish. Keep in mind the type of Posts you make and use discretion in mentioning names/places etc. Copyright issues and intellectual content also apply to Blogs.

How do I Register?
Send the O! What a Geek team (email here) your name. In week two when you create your blog, then use the CUT and PASTE method to put your URL into an email to the team (email here) so we can monitor your progress without further work on your part.

How does this online learning program work?
This is a self-discovery program which encourages staff to take control of their own learning and to utilize their lifelong learning skills through exploration and PLAY.
Staff are encouraged to work together and share with each other their discoveries, techniques and "how to's" both in person and through their blogs.

How long do I have to complete this program?
The program begins on Tuesday, September 2nd and ends on Tuesday, December 2nd.

How do I track my progress?
Each staff member that chooses to participate in this program will be required to keep a blog to track their own progress. Basically you will make regular posts to your Blog about what you are learning, likes, dislikes etc... noting each week and addressing each 'Thing'! A Staff tracking log will be kept where your progress will be recorded.

Can I work ahead through the list of items on my own?
No, each week's link will only be activated at the beginning of that week making it easier for people to stay together on an 'even playing field'. However, you will be able to go back to activities that you were unable to complete.

What if I need help - who can I call?
Since this program is self-directed and is being completed by many staff members throughout the system simultaneously, you are encouraged to work with colleagues along your discovery journey.

Help is also available from the O! What a Geek Team (email here):

Deirdre Routt 444-4497 or
Amy Mather 444-3399 or
Gloria Sorensen 444-3440 or
Sarah English 444-4808 or
Mary Griffin 444-3470 or

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